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By the Numbers III - Petrino vs Tressel - Battle at the Sugar Bowl2010-Dec-07
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

Greetings, everyone!

In the third installment of By the Numbers, and in honor of my beloved Razorbacks getting their first BCS Bowl bid (Sugar Bowl, January 4th, 2011 at 8:30 PM on ESPN), I decided to pull together some statistical information regarding the head coaches of the Arkansas Razorbacks (Bobby Petrino) and the Ohio State Buckeyes (Jim Tressel).

One thing is very apparent after reviewing all of the available data: Both Coaches have the IT factor. Coach Tressel is the grizzled veteran, with nearly 25 years of Head Coaching experience (two schools, Youngstown State and Ohio State), while Coach Petrino is the new kid on the block with nearly 7 years of Head Coaching experience (two schools, Louisville and Arkansas). Both have fielded BCS caliber teams and both have won in BCS bowls, so this will be no shock for either one of 'em.

Coach Tressel has a major monkey to get off his back to appease the Buckeye faithful: OSU 0-9 against SEC teams in BCS Bowls.

Coach Petrino has his own monkey to chase away as well: Take an already simply amazing season and push it up one notch higher.

Both have very tall demands of their respective fan bases and each side is expecting their coach to deliver the goods.

NOTE: These are in PDF format, for ease of reading for most people. Most of you will have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If you don't have a PDF reader, I heavily recommend and endorse Foxit Reader as a very lightweight alternative to Adobe.

To view these files, simply CLICK on the URLs below. If you want to save this to your local system, RIGHT click and go to "SAVE AS" or "SAVE TARGET AS".

If you are sharing this document on any other side except for or, you MUST credit

Let's get to the two PDFs and start comparisons, shall we? the Numbers III - Bobby Petrino.pdf the Numbers III - Jim Tressel.pdf

Breaking down the numbers - SCORING
Coach Tressel has put up a few more points on the board this year in this category, often outscoring his opponents by 2.9 points for every 1 opponent point. Coach Petrino hangs 1.6 points for every 1 opponent point. I have to give the edge to Coach Tressel in this regard. (Sorry, Hog Brethren... the numbers are pretty damning at this point).

I'll see your Rush with a Hail Mary Pass!
Coach Tressel runs a pretty balanced attack, racking up nearly 5400 yards of offense this year. His defense is pretty impressive, with just a scintilla over 3000 yards. His defense seems to be a bit more skilled at stopping the Rush, allowing just over 1100 yards.

Bad news for Buckeye fans... we've got a high octane Offense, bruising out close to 5900 yards of offense. While our pass offense exceeds 4000 yards this year, bear in mind that we've got one of the most dynamic rushers in football. Knile Davis has actually busted out more Rush yardage this year (1183 yards at the time of writing, 889 of those in the last SIX games, mind you) than you've allowed (1132 yards). Add to that the strong arm of both Ryan Mallet and Tyler Wilson (both have thrown 60+ yard bombs this year) and the Buckeyes are going to get lit up... hard.

Edge has to go to the Razorbacks on yardage.

Touchdowns, Turnovers, Tanglin' Teams - Oh MY!
Both teams are very evenly matched in terms of scoring touchdowns (OSU: 59, AR: 58), though the edge has to go to OSU for turnover margins this year, as well as shutting down opponent's offenses from scoring TDs (OU: 20 TDs allowed, AR: 33 TDs allowed). Gotta give the edge to the Buckeyes on this one.

While OSU has the market on First Downs, the Hogs are far more aggressive. Given how hard teams have to play in the SEC, it's absolutely not shocking that the penalties on SEC schools is as high as it is. It's also not surprising why OSU is 0-9 against SEC schools in bowl appearances. I can only hope that OSU is ready for Arkansas speed, style, finesse and aggression. Edge definitely has to go to the Hogs on this.

Overtime? Whaddya mean Overtime?!
Since these teams are pretty doggone evenly matched, I expect the final result to actually be less than 10 points apart. Here, you've got the old man trying to win one for his team versus a cocky and brash young team trying to re-stake their claim to glory.

I cannot WAIT the next 28 days and 30 minutes for these two teams to do battle.

This is going to be a battle for the ages, folks!

By the Numbers II - Coach Petrino vs "Coach" Nutt - First Three Years

By the numbers - a difference between 2007, 2009 and 2010

(I encourage this being shared by Buckeye Fans on your fan sites... please get the word out!)

Please provide Feedback to this article on or If you've got any questions, comments or complaints, feel free to email me via douglas [@]! You can also share this on Facebook by going to, or re-tweet on Twitter by visiting

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By the Numbers II - Houston Nutt vs Bobby Petrino, first three years2010-Nov-21
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

Reference the original thread at This is an expanded version of that thread.

I apologize for the long read, in advance.

After I posted the above item on last night, I realized that the information that I was pulling was rather skewed and very heavily slanted towards Coach Petrino, while not telling the entire story. I decided to take the above referenced post a step further and expanded it to show the stats from Houston Nutt's 1998 - 2000 tenure with the Arkansas Razorbacks, Houston Nutt's 2008 - 2010 tenure with the Ole Miss Rebels, Bobby Petrino's 2003 - 2005 tenure with the Louisville Cardinals and Bobby Petrino's 2008 - 2010 tenure with the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Before I link to the PDF, I have a few things to note:

First and foremost... I am an avowed Nutt "Darksider" and will take any opportunity to bash the pitiful mockery of a "Coach". Anyone that has known me for any length of time can attest to the fact that I supported literally every measure to oust this clown from our beloved Razorback Football program. My utter disdain knows absolutely NO boundaries when discussing this pusillanimous fool. With that said, I remained absolutely impartial and based everything I compiled on historical facts and numbers.

Second, in order to be completely and unilaterally fair/unbiased, I'm comparing Nutt's first three years at AR and then OM to Petrino's first three years at Louisville and then AR. While I understand that I should have included Nutt's tenure at Murray State, we're only speaking of the progression (or regression, in Nutt's case) for the first three years at the affected schools we tend to follow (if that makes any sense). In other words, I don't give a flip about Murray State stats. :)

Third, this is in PDF format, for ease of reading for most people. Most of you will have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If you don't have a PDF reader, I heavily recommend and endorse Foxit Reader as a very lightweight alternative to Adobe.

Fourth, I will offer my "unbiased" (HAH!) opinion below the linked PDF.

To view the side by side comparison, simply CLICK on the URL below. If you want to save this to your local system, RIGHT click and go to "SAVE AS" or "SAVE TARGET AS".

If you are sharing this document on any other side except for, you MUST credit

The first and most obvious point to note is the fact that both coaches have gone in polar opposite directions from the first year of their tenure through the third. Granted, the 2010 campaign isn't over, however, I think it's safe to assume that the respective trends will continue in their current directions, based on the overall history that we know of both coaches.

Season (and Conference) records
I honestly can't say that I'm surprised by the directions that both coaches have gone. With Nutt, we can expect him to go down as the talent level depeletes/transitions over time from the former coach's recruits over to his. In Petrino's case at Louisville, he inherited a pretty good team and improved on that nicely. In Petrino's case at AR, he inherited a pretty low tier team, worked out what he needed and progressed from there.

Home versus Opponent Scores
This tuly begins to tell the tale between two coaching philosophies and styles. If you look at both of Nutt's first three year numbers, the points earned versus the points given go in a downwards vs upwards (mostly) trend. Taking Petrino's numbers into consideration, the trend is actually opposite (with the exception of the 2004 Louisville team, which put up phenomenal numbers for while shutting down opponents scoring drives).

The key thing to note is the "Number of Points the team earns for each point the opponents scores". At the end of the third season for BOTH of Nutt's stints, his point values are very nearly halved from the first year to the third year. With the exception of 2004 in Louisville, Petrino's numbers have shown remarkable improvements, especially with his AR tenure. That, in of itself, is extremely telling.

Home versus Opponent Yardage
This is where we start separating out Nutt's Run oriented offenses vs Petrino's Pass oriented offenses, as well as Nutt's Defensive Yardage allowed (climbing consistently) versus Petrino's Defensive Yardage allowed (2009 was brutal on our defense - OUCH). At least with Petrino, as he progresses, he does get the overall defense turned around consistently.

Time of Possession vs Touchdowns Scored
Who does more, with less? Especially if you factor in the yardage numbers from the two sections above in the PDF. Enough said. :)

Penalties, Penalties and more Penalties
For the most part, Nutt opponents tend to be far more aggressive than Nutt's teams. Given how conservative Nutt's play calling, these figures are not surprising. In stark contrast, Petrino's teams tend to be the agressors, especially with the better the teams are (natural progression). This year definitely reflects a huge increase in the Razorback's aggressiveness. We have to be careful about this, since we don't want to become overtly agressive in games where penalties could cripple us.

Looking at all of this information, it's no wonder why many of the Razorback faithful celebrated Nutt's departure and gave a warm welcome to Petrino when he escaped from the ATL Fowl Cons. The stars finally lined up for Razorback Nation. Hang onto your hats, folks... the ride hasn't even started yet.

If you enjoyed this, please feel free to LIKE/SHARE this on Facebook (direct links on or to retweet via

Comments, opinions, (Constructive!) criticism always welcomed.

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Blast from the Past: Gren Jello's "Little Pig, Little Pig"2010-Nov-20
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

Those of us that remember when MTV actually PLAYED Music Videos on TV will probably remember this from the early 90's (Hmm... maybe even the late 80s?).

This was always one of my favorite vids. ENJOY!

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Tuesday's laugh!2010-Nov-09
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

Time to hold another meeting!

'Nuff said! :D

(Credit goes to for this)

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Working on a brand new design for!2010-Sep-28
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

I'm hoping to have the new design launched this weekend. I'm essentially merging four sites that I've had (, awwf*, and into one site, and introducing a few new features/resources. I'm also going to launch a brand new look for the main site, as well.

Great pains are being undertaken to improve the flow of the site (and to make sure this sucker stays valid with xHTML and CSS, as well as Accessibility compliance).

If you've ever visited any of my sites in the past, some of the "new" things coming to are sections from my past projects, while there are other things that are brand new (check out the Info & Resources section when I launch!).

I'm always welcome to new ideas and suggestions, as long as they don't take away from the things I am passionate about. :)


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Linux Plesk DNS - Moving from one system to another? Check this out!2010-Sep-27
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

This is for the LINUX version of Plesk. Windows Plesk obviously would have a bit of a different way to handle this. :)

I've done one for cPanel/DirectAdmin/CLI (Check out the Tech Tips category to the left). This bad boy takes care of Plesk!

If you need to change the TTLs on all domains in Plesk at once, you can manage the database with the following command:
mysql> UPDATE `dns_zone` SET `ttl` = '300', `ttl_unit` = '60' WHERE `id` >1;

Substitute the TTL values for what you need. Since the flat files are still used by named to provide DNS resolution, those will need to be updated as well. This command will do the trick:
mysql -Ns -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` -D psa -e 'select name from domains' | awk '{print "/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/dnsmng update " $1 }' | sh

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I guess it's time for another update, huh?2010-Jul-23
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

So I'm now two days removed from coming back from HostingCON 2010 ( and now a week removed from the insanity that's been driving my crazy hours over the past few months. It's still busy with work, and I'm working on a new design for Lanny's (

Thankfully, that's ALL that is on my plate right now, aside from a few more things to do in the yard outside. Only major task left is to get the garage cleaned up completely, better insulated, painted and then move my office out there.

My uncle Nate and I reinsulated nearly 2300 sq foot of attic space two days before my birthday, and we're noticing a remarkable difference in how well the house cools down, though our friggin' electric bills are still through the roof. Keeping in mind that it's been a hotter than normal summer and the fact that Georgia Power jacked rates up by nearly 10%, I guess I can't bitch too badly about the $266 electric bill we just got today.

Some notes about HostingCON:
* If you haven't read my boss's latest blog, you have to read it!

* I think Ross slightly over-embelished my involvement to the whole 6th street incident. Sure, I've had a few neighbors that were certifiable, and yeah, I live in Atlanta, so I know how to generally deal with these situations... but still..

Just call me the MF'n ENFORCER, man! :D

All kidding aside, all three of us were definitely in shock Yeah, I was initially laughing about the banality of this woman's actions... until I realized that Ross was genuinely in shock. Poor Bahshad definitely was too stunned to do anything, and once I stopped laughing, I realized that I had to get this gal away from all three of us. She definitely was higher than a kite. Ross' description of her didn't do her justice. Kate Moss would be jealous of this "lady of the night"'s skinniness.

It was deffo the talk of more than a handful of folks at HostingCON, that's for sure.

I've got to give a few shout outs here...

Eric Gregory ( - It was GREAT to finally put a face with the email, dude! After communicating with you off and on for the past few years, it was nice to see you in person. :)

Babak Kimiyai ( - Dude... you've been in the sun too long! I thought Ukranians were supposed to be pasty white! :D Was great seeing you again!

Terry Myers ( - I'm really sorry we didn't get a chance to connect longer than the few minutes we did, was a busy time for us all. Next time!

ALL the guys at (Unka Dennis, Lois, Paul, Mike, Chris, ProSlacker) - Always a pleasure to see y'all again. Chris... pace yourself next year, man... and remember to take breaks! Paul, sorry that I had issues hearing ya... it was REALLY noisy, hah!

Jordan "Jordie" Jacobs - Dude! It was GREAT to finally see you in person, even though we've known each other for damn near five years... sucks that you moved way out to PHX... holler the next time you're back in ATL!

Microsoft - Damn, your booth really was subpar this year. Hope to see you back to your usual glory next time.

cPanel - Shout out to ALL of the cPanel guys for pulling off a great party at the Pure Ultra Lounge... was very loud, but enjoyable. I was especially flatered that the guys at the door knew who I was without me even whipping my badge out OR being in my Solar shirt. Definitely honored to have that happen, guys. You ROCK!

Pure Ultra Lounge ( - For a retro bar that's trying to be high-tech... y'all got a pretty nice setup there. Thank you for graciously hosting the cPanel party. I want to especially thank the cute short bartender (she was working the 1st floor bar, closest to the door) for lookin' out for me. She's definitely an asset to your establishment. Next time I'm in Austin, I will happily come back to your lounge! Just get some stuff to make Chocoloate Martinis, will ya?

Overall, was definitely an interesting yet fun trip.

What's next for me? TAKING IT EASY AROUND THE HOUSE for the next couple weeks. Garage should be done before August is halfway done..

Labor Day, September - IRON CHEF II: BATTLE AT THE ROCK! I cannot WAIT for this to happen. For our competitors... heads up, guys... BRING IT! My BBQ sauce has been sitting for almost 17 months. I'm bringing it out for this part. You BETTER step up your game, rookies! You got FOUR of the baddest chefs/cooks/BBQ enthusiasts of the ENTIRE family teaming up to take you wimps on. Don't even THINK about trying to take it easy on us; we ain't gonna go easy on you. :D

If you're going to be in the ATL area on Labor Day this year, hit me up on FaceBook for an invitation, if you want one. Bring money, cause we're not doing this one for free. It's *THAT* big this year ($10/person - any money left over gets donated to charity).

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Laugh of the day - A *great* Passport image!2010-Jul-03
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

AWESOME Passport!

For those of you that remember a recent blog entry about the lengths I'll go to combat Credit Card Fraud, I had a doozie of a review today.

This also goes to show the lengths that these frauding twits will go to in order to try to get an order through.

I reviewed an order that claimed to have originated from the country of Tunisia. The account holder had a very American sounding name, however, there were a few other red flags. So, I did what I normally would do... ask for the first six digits of a Credit Card (it identifies only the country of issuance and the financial institution issuing the card itself) and a scanned passport, driver's license or government issued ID.

Obviously the CC info was fake (started with a 9). See below for the ID that was sent. The entire team had a huge laugh about this. NOTE: This is obviously a blatant alteration/forgery, so no personally identifiable info is being released, aside from some poor guy's picture.

Keep in mind that the name used for the account was Melissa S (not revealing the last name here, to keep privacy intact)

How sad is that?

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Workin' on the front of the house, new patio!2010-May-01
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

Sometime in May 2010. New fountain was my wife's and my 4th anniversary present to each other.





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Quick Shoutout to the DNow and Solar guys!2010-Apr-20
Posted by Douglas, @BearlyDoug

Pic snapped at the ATL Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park, Sunday April 18th, 2010, Red Bull Car.

Just had to do a quick shout out to all my former coworkers at DedicatedNOW, especially Slaxx and Fat Italian Bastard.

Here's a RedBull on me, guys! :D

(Pic snapped at the ATL Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park, Sunday April 18th, 2010)

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